Finding the right skin care products to help reverse the signs of aging can be quite difficult.  There are literally thousands of different products on the market, and researchers on commercials are constantly telling us why one product will work over another.  One of the ingredients we hear the most good reports about is Argireline, yet even with this ingredient, it is not uncommon to hear mixed reviews.  So, is Argireline the miracle cure that many scientists promise, or simply another skin science gimmick designed to talk us out of our hard earned money?

The Pros

 There are many good points when it comes to Argireline.  For starters, the ingredient has been proven time and again to help reverse the signs of aging.  Working much like Botox in that it paralyzes facial muscles, it provides all of the benefits of these shots in a form that is applied directly to the skin.  It also helps to prevent new wrinkles.  Argireline also has the benefit of being added to some truly remarkable products, such as those that feature Matrixyl 3000 and hyaluronic acid, both of which offer remarkable benefit to the skin.

The Cons

 The downside of Argireline is that many manufacturers use the ingredient improperly.  They either use it in the wrong concentration (25% is optimal), they mix it with harmful ingredients such as dyes and alcohols, or they use a version that has particles too large to be absorbed into the skin.  Another problem with the ingredient is that many people just don’t know where to find quality Argireline.  The best and most scientifically proper versions of these skin care products simply aren’t lining the shelves of local pharmacies, and many people do not know to check the labs where they are produced to get them at affordable prices.

The Summary

 There are certainly positive and negative aspects to Argireline as a skin care ingredient, but overall, the result is quite favorable.  The ingredient really is as remarkable as the scientists and lab experts who have been experimenting with it have promised.  The key for customers is simply to find a lab that manufactures Argireline skin care products using only the freshest and best ingredients and without feeling the need to add cheap fillers.  The best products are comprised only of ingredients that offer benefit to the skin, and this is the key to finding truly effective Argireline.