Argireline is another name for a skin care ingredient known scientifically as acetyl hexapeptide 3. It is a powerful weapon in the fight against wrinkles, and as such, it’s found in a wide variety of skin care products. Of course, it’s most potent when it’s used in its purest form, but it has some benefits when it’s mixed with other ingredients also. You may be wondering when exactly a good time would be to start using this product. The short answer, of course, is when you discover that you have fine lines and wrinkles. There’s a little more to it than that, though.

The very best reason to know when it’s time to start using argireline is the reason we’re going to focus on. If you’ve ever considered using Botox, then it’s time to start using argireline. People don’t usually start considering the use of Botox at the appearance of their first fine lines and wrinkles, and this is primarily because they know it’s dangerous. So, if your lines and wrinkles have gotten to the point where you’re so ready to get rid of them you’re willing to use Botox to do it, then maybe you should try argireline first. Of course, you could also try argireline a little before that point, too.

After all, argireline works in much the same way as Botox, it’s just safer. As you age, the muscles in your face begin to tense up, and this can cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, if you were to cause those muscles to relax, then you would eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles. Both argireline and Botox have that effect, but argireline accomplishes more than that, too. It also makes your skin softer and increases your production of a substance call callogen, which is very healthy for your skin. Plus, argireline is a lot less expensive than Botox, and it’s longer lasting, so you don’t have to use it quite as often.

Best of all, argireline accomplishes all of these benefits for your skin in a far safer manner than Botox. For starters, there is no risk of side effects, which is certainly not the case with Botox. Also, since argireline is applied topically, no needles are involved. Therefore, its application is a lot less painful than that of Botox. When you can get the same restorative effects without the pain, side effects, and additional expense, why wouldn’t you? The time is now!