1 Gallon Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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How to use product:



Notice: Shelf life is 6-8 months.

Total ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid serum, leucidal ( an organic preservative)

How to use:

Gently apply the serum to face, hands, neck, stomach, legs and areas that need hydration

  • 100% Pure and Vegan
  • Organically Preserved
  • Heavy duty pump that dispenses 1 ounce
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Those Annoying Little Face Lines

A recent article in the New York Times asked readers to consider the three most defining moments in their lives and then email them into the editor for inclusion in a survey. Many were as expected: graduating from college, falling in love, having children, yet one answer kept rearing its ugly head to the point where it finally took up residence at the top of the list, first wrinkle. For some reason, noticing a small line on a previously smooth face was a cause for even greater concern than gray hairs or an increasing amount of candles on the birthday cake.

Hair dye can take care of the gray, and lying about the candles is a no-brainer, but wrinkles seemed to be etched in stone. A tiny blotch on the skin which draws everyone’s eyes and erases all of the hard work we’ve done to prove a youth that no longer exists. Products come and products go, touting newfangled ingredients designed to put photo touch-up experts out of business, and the money that people have spent on them could finance a small nation. Yet most don’t work and the consumer swears that he/she will never be dumb enough to get taken again, until the next time.

Ninety-nine out of a hundred people have probably never heard of the phrase hyaluronic acid serum. To those of us that have taken biology or anatomy back in the day, it may sound vaguely familiar but odds are no one is going to remember why. Yet it’s the key ingredient in some very popular skin creams and so important when it comes to erasing those unsightly wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is found in the epidermis cells of humans and instrumental in grabbing and holding onto the moisture that also resides there. This in turn causes skin to lose some of it sagging appearance and “plump out” to minimize and often erase laugh lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. It also improves softness and brings back a healthier, more youthful complexion by being absorbed deeply into the skin and down to the cells where it can do the most good.

So keep the rest of the world guessing when it comes to birthdays and swear the hairdresser to secrecy on a stack of bibles. Experts agree that real age is a state of mind and we’re only as old as we feel. Now, thanks to hyaluronic acid serum, we can be only as old as we look too.