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Choosing a skin care product to address the concerns that you may have for your aging skin can be confusing and even overwhelming. You have likely heard of a wide variety of products that claim to address myriad issues, including the wrinkles and fine lines that are the concern of many. In today’s varied market it can be difficult for a product to stand out, but a recently-introduced ingredient is making its mark on consumers and industries alike. This product, Argireline, is being added to anti-wrinkle creams with the goal of providing significant and lasting reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles in consumers with varying skin types and degrees of aging.

Understanding how Argireline works starts with understanding how wrinkles and lines develop in the first place. You have probably noticed that certain people seem to be ageless, with skin that just doesn’t seem to develop lines and wrinkles while others are constantly clamoring for ways to keep that youthful resilience, bounce, and firmness. This is because wrinkles and lines develop as a result of different influences. Of course genetics play a part in a person’s tendency towards developing the signs of aging in their facial skin, but even with the best genetics environment and other influences will make an impact on creating these signs of aging.

One of the main ways that lines and wrinkles develop is through the reduction in the body’s production of a material called collagen. This is the material that creates skin that is firm, toned, and capable of withstanding stresses without becoming damaged. When you were very young your body produced large amounts of collagen, but as you aged various things contributed to lower amounts of collagen in your skin. This could be caused by stress, not getting enough sleep, exposure to certain environmental issues, and other influences. Regardless of the reason, when your body stops producing enough collagen your skin will lose its youthful appearance. Argireline is a peptide created of natural proteins. Peptides are shown to stimulate the body’s collagen production process.

The other way that lines and wrinkles are formed is due to repetitive movements of facial muscles. Argireline works in much the same way as other anti-wrinkle products that affect the facial muscles. Topically applied, the cream is absorbed into the skin and the muscles, preventing neurotransmitters released by the brain from causing muscle contractions. This helps those wrinkles that you already have to lessen in depth and reduces that opportunity for your face to develop further lines and wrinkles.