Argireline cream, unlike the better-known and longer-established Botox, does not necessitate the use of needles, and thus does not have the side effects of swelling, discoloration or pain.  Argireline, the trademark name of acetyl hexapeptide-3, is a natural protein that contains six different amino acids and effectively duplicates the effects of Botox – again, without the pain and other uncomfortable aspects associated with Botox use.

A Natural Protein

Because Argireline cream is a natural protein, is serves as one of the building blocks that form human tissue.  The ingredient has been clinically proven to reduce the wrinkles and deep lines that are typically found around the forehead and eyes, thus helping decrease the visible effects of aging.  Argireline cream is rubbed into the skin, and upon application causes the muscle tissues of the skin to immediately relax or wind down.  And this relaxed stage lasts for an extended period of time, thus stopping the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Again, Argireline cream consists of a sequence of amino acids linked together to form a chain, otherwise known as a peptide.  Peptides can basically direct cells – in a manner of speaking, they “tell them what to do.” Due to the manner in which they are able to affect the function of skin cells, many skin care products, naturally, contain peptides.  There are peptides, for instance, that direct the cells of the dermis of the skin to produce more collagen, which is another protein that helps prevent wrinkling and sagging of the skin by providing the skin with support.

Argireline Cream Serves a Different Function

This ingredient, which is applied topically, does not allow facial muscles to contract with as much force.  It does so by altering the biochemical pathways that are involved in the process of muscle contraction.  When the muscles cannot contract in the way in which they are accustomed, the appearance of dynamic wrinkles is reduced.

In order for a muscle to be able to contract, it needs to have three proteins, known as the SNARE complex.  Acetyl hexapeptide-3 mimics one of those proteins and destabilizes it.  If the SNARE complex is destabilized, there will be a reduction in muscle movement.  And the less muscle movement, the fewer wrinkles appear.

When you frown, grimace or smile, wrinkles that would normally be quite noticeable are not nearly as visible when Argireline is applied.  Basically, the ingredients in Argireline block the messages that command the muscles of the face to “tense up,” interfering with the message sent from the brain.  Wrinkles are kept to a minimum as a result because the facial muscles remain relaxed.

Does Argireline Work?

Recently, a group of female volunteers agreed to take part in a study carried out by the manufacturers of Argireline.  For 30 days, the volunteers used a cream that contained 5 percent Argireline, and after 15 days of that use, they saw, on average, a 17 percent reduction in the lines around their eyes.  At the end of the 30-day period, their wrinkles and lines had diminished by 27 percent.  In another independent study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Argireline was found to have reduced wrinkles by 30 percent after continual use for 30 days.

If you want to look as young as you can, but don’t want to have to deal with the pain of Botox or cosmetic surgery, Argireline is the way to go.  While several products rightly claim to help reduce the effects of age on the skin, the most effective ones, research shows, contain the powerful ingredient Argireline.

The Reason Argireline Works

The reason Argireline works is that it is a peptide, or natural protein.  Peptides are part of the building blocks of living tissue.  Since it is a natural product, Argireline does not put any toxins into your system, as you will find in many other anti-aging products on the market.  It is effective because it relaxes the muscles in your face – actually, it paralyzes them to a small degree.  As a result, you not only can decrease the amount of wrinkles in your face but can eliminate them as well.

Going back to the study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science that was mentioned previously, Argireline is a safe, painless alternative to Botox.  Even at the highest doses, Argireline does not cause skin irritation.  Again, unlike Botox, Argireline does not necessitate a visit to a dermatologist or similar medical practitioner for injections.  You can safely and effectively use Argireline at home.

Argireline’s Main Purpose

Argireline’s main purpose is to treat dynamic wrinkles, which are only noticed when you make dynamic movements with your face, such as grimacing, frowning or smiling.  However, as time progresses, these dynamic wrinkles turn into “static” wrinkles, because even when your face isn’t moving at all the wrinkles can be noticed.  So it is best to use Argireline before your dynamic wrinkles reach the “static” phase.

Repeatedly making the same facial expression is one of the main causes of wrinkled skin.  However, as studies suggest, Argireline can keep facial muscles from contracting with as much force, thus reducing wrinkling.