Argireline appears in a number of skin care products, whether gels or creams and where you see an advertisement for a botox alternative, chances are it is Argireline which forms the major active compound in the treatment, except you don’t have to go through a series of injections to benefit.

When applied to the skin, Argireline has the ability to stop muscles contracted on the selected area, which is great news both for evening out existing wrinkles, and for preventing new ones appearing.  The concentration is a typical treatment would be 5-10%, depending on the quality of the product you are buying.  Most consumers buy it to use around the eyes and on the forehead, which is where most signs of aging start to appear and where people start to become conscious of frown and laughter lines, for example.

If you have been noticing lines developing across your forehead, between the eyes, to the side and below the eyes, Argireline could well be of benefit but with less financial commitment than if you decided to have botox, or even opt for surgery.  People who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, or who drive a lot for work, for instance, often find that concentration lines develop on their face which they would rather not have, given the choice.  Using a product with Argireline can limit the growth of these unwanted wrinkles and make skin look rejuvenated and fresher than before treatment started.

Many people find that the idea of using a cream or gel with a plant based active ingredient like Argireline appeals to them because they prefer the idea of a safer and cheaper alternative to injections.  They may have had an unpleasant interaction with botox or found that other types of treatment don’t have the effects they were looking for.  They want the security of knowing the product they are using has been tested properly and that there are no risks, as is the case with Argireline.

Argireline is by its very nature a temporary solution and needs to be used regularly to maintain the effect, but this still works out cheaper than having to keep going back for injections, which are themselves not a permanent treatment for wrinkles and aging.  It is a bonus for consumers to have a new alternative to add to the many skin care products on the market, and especially one that has such a powerful long lasting effect.