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When it comes to your skin there are two things that it is likely to interact with on a daily basis: skin care products and cosmetics. Sometimes these two products clash as they attempt to perform tasks and create results that in some ways contradict each other. On the other hand, there are ways that you can let your skin care routine and cosmetics combine forces to enhance the performance and usability of both. This can not only save you time and money, but can make taking care of your skin and looking good faster, easier, and less of a hassle.

One of the main ways that you can use cosmetics as skin care products is to look for those that contain a sunscreen. Everybody knows how crucial it is to constantly have protection against the potentially harmful rays of the sun, but not everybody takes the time to actually apply a product that contains a satisfactory sun protection ingredient. It is important to remember that it is not only days that you will spend fully in the sun that require you to apply sun protection. Every little bit of exposure adds up so you should always be protected. Many foundations and powders are available now that already contain a sun protecting ingredient, which means that you can take out the sunscreen step.

In addition to sun protection, you can protect and enhance the beauty of your skin by using products that address the moisture and oil needs of your particular skin. Moisture is extremely important for all skin, but some are more prone to dryness or oiliness than others. An unbalance in your skin’s moisture or oil can lead to acne, dry patches, increased lines and wrinkles, redness, shininess, and discomfort. By using a product that provides oil control or extra moisture will else you to maintain smooth, beautiful, clear skin.

If you are prone to acne blemishes such as pimples or blackheads, look for cosmetics that say that they do not clog pores. You may also benefit from products that contain acne fighting ingredients in order to boost your skin’s protection against blemishes even while you are wearing your makeup.

For those makeup wearers that are dealing with concerns regarding the visible signs of again, look for products that contain anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and alpha-hydroxy acids. These will promote the healing and protection of the skin, as well as the treatment of current lines and wrinkles.