When looking to treat wrinkles using Botox, many consumers are baffled when they are told that the injections can only be applied to limited areas of the face.  While frustrating, this is certainly something done for the benefit of Botox users.  Botox, which is made of a strong paralytic toxin, could paralyze muscles needed for breathing or swallowing if injected into the wrong area, and could even cause blindness if used improperly near the eye.  Because of this, injection sites are very limited.  For all over wrinkle control, Argireline products are certainly your best bet.

Argireline is a great skin care ingredient that has an effect that is quite similar to that of Botox, but without the risks and limitations.  Completely topical, Argireline can be applied to the skin in any area that has wrinkles or fine lines.  It works to relax tension in the underlying tissue, slowly relaxing away wrinkles without the risk of true muscle paralysis that could be dangerous.  Botox side effects are rare, but they are certainly quite severe in some cases.  Argireline eliminates these risks without taking away the remarkable benefits that Botox offers.

When seeking out a great Argireline product, it is advised to look for a great mixture.  The best place to purchase is certainly directly from the lab that makes the product, as this means that it will not only be cheaper, but fresher.  Other things to consider are concentration (25% Argireline is the optimal amount), derivation (plant based Argireline is certainly the right choice), and other ingredients.  With other ingredients, you should never use a product where each ingredient does not offer some benefit.  Avoid fragrances and alcohols, which can damage your skin, and instead look for hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl 3000, and other proven ingredients.

Argireline offers something that Botox simply cannot, and that is an all over treatment for wrinkles.  Whether you are worried about your face, your neck, or even your hands, Argireline is an excellent way to reduce and eliminate wrinkles without the need to worry about side effects.  In fact, with the right product, you can get nearly instant results.  When you are able to look at your skin shortly after applying a wrinkle reducer and know that you have made the right choice, it takes away some of the pain and frustration that comes from the years many of us have spent trying to find something that truly works.